$3 USD Flat Discount On Cloud VPS

Hello User,

We are very happy to announce $3 USD flat discount on our Cloud VPS. You can choose any location for your cloud vps ( USA,UK,DE,NL,CA,IN,SG).

For order, visit - https://hosterplan.com/vps.php

Coupon code: CUT3USDHP

Offer conditions:

Apply only once per order (even if multiple items qualify)

Apply only once per client globally (ie. only one order allowed per promo)

- Promo applicable for monthly plan.

- Applicable for all new and old user

- This promo also applied on recurring time

- Hosterplan can change conditions anytime for this offer, we have this rights.

♦ The offer will continue until further notice.


Enjoy this offer & stay with HosterPlan. Thank you.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

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